Cash Advance available 24/7

Guests have multiple options available including ATM, POS Debit and Credit Card Cash Advances.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and American Express.


Valid IDs accepted for Card transactions are:

State issued Identification Card

State issued Driver’s License

Military ID



Check Cashing available 24/7

Gold and Platinum card customers may cash a personal check for a fee of 3%. This fee is waived for all Titanium guests.

We are unable to cash 3rd party checks, temporary/starter checks, government issued checks (IRS/Unemployment etc.), business (Comdata, EFS etc.) or payroll checks.


Valid IDs accepted for Check transactions are:

State issued Identification Cards- not expired

State issued Driver’s license – not expired

Military IDs. – not expired


Coin Machine available 24/7

Guests may exchange all coin at our Coin Max machine located in front of the Cash Cage. There is no fee for this service.

Guests can take their coins to our Coin Max machine. The machine will print out a voucher and the guest bring the voucher to the Cash Cage to collect their cash.

Please note that valid ID is required for all check, credit card and players club transactions at the cash Cage. Expired IDs are not accepted.