Sweet Tooth Slot Tournament Rules

    Description: The $110,000 Sweet Tooth Slot Tournament will be held every Thursday beginning January 2nd through, June 25th from 6pm to 9pm. On Thursdays, the top 10 contestants with the highest scores will be determined the winners and will win their share of the prize pool as specified below. In addition, for each full session that takes place, the session winner will win $50 in free play as long as there is a full session.

    Entry Dates/Hours: Thursdays in the Slot Tournament area from 6pm – 9pm.

    On Thursdays beginning January 2nd, qualified Club 29 members will be eligible for one (1) free entry to the slot tournament. Club 29 members may play additional sessions by purchasing a ticket for $10 using Cash or Comp dollars only.

    On Thursdays beginning January 2nd, Titanium Club Members may enter the tournament for free once, and Gold and Platinum Club Members must qualify to enter the tournament for free by earning 100 Club Points or must lose $20 or more on the day of the Tournament, or they must buy a ticket for $10 using Cash or Comp dollars only.

    For Thursdays slot tournament dates, guests may buy-in once, and then participate in a slot tournament session, and then may buy-in again (one buy-in at a time). Guests may buy-in an unlimited amount of times, depending on availability, however, Spotlight 29 will use the highest score for each guest with multiple buy-ins and guests may win only once. Guests can begin registering for the Tournament one hour prior to each scheduled session time.

    Drawing Dates/Hours:

    Winners will be announced following the completion of the slot tournament, and winner’s names will be announced on the Casino Floor with results posted at the Cashier’s Cage and Casino Host Office at approximately 9:30pm. Winners must claim their prize by visiting the Cashier’s Cage. Winners have one week to claim their prize.

    Slot Tournament Procedure:

    A Marketing Department Representative will check out a Bank for $300 and a Locked Cash Drawer from the Main Cash Cage every Thursday prior to the start of the tournament. A Marketing Representative will accept $10 buy-in payments from guests located next to the Tournament Area. Guests may buy-in using Cash or Comp dollars only. When a guest purchases their buy-in ticket from a Marketing Representative, the Marketing Representative will provide the guest with a receipt, and will retain a portion of the receipt to balance the bank at the end of the evening. Following the conclusion of the Tournament, a Marketing Representative will return the bank to the Main Cash Cage, where any/all buy-ins collected will be counted and placed in the drop for the day.  If the guest choses to use their Comp dollars, a Marketing Representative will issue a comp against the Player’s Club 29 account to “Promotional” inside ACSC 13 for the appropriate dollar amount.

    Tournament Staff will stanchion off designated Tournament machines and will begin Tournament Registration one hour prior to the commencement of the Tournament. Tournament machines will be specifically configured for Tournament play. No tokens, tickets or cash will be required or accepted. Signage will be placed on the machines to alert the guests in the area that the machines will be unavailable due to Slot Tournament play. In case of any machine malfunction, a Slot Technician and a Gaming Inspector will be notified.

    Qualified Club 29 Members participating in the Slot Tournament will play in sessions of up to eight (8) guests per session from 6pm to 9pm on Thursdays.  Tournament Staff will verify that the guest is qualified to participate and allow the guest to play in the Tournament.  Guests will select any available slot machine and insert their Club 29 Card.  Once all guests in the session are seated, the Tournament Staff will begin the Session.  Each participant will play for three minutes.  All machines are automatically set to max bet.  Tournament Staff will monitor all participants during Tournament play for assistance and malfunctions, along with reviewing fraudulent and unsportsmanlike behavior.  At the end of each Session, all scores are automatically maintained in the ACSC 13 Elite Bonusing Suite Tournament module.  The Tournament Staff will advise guests when the final results will be posted, and the participants will then be asked to leave the Tournament area.  When all guests have left the Tournament Area, the next set of eight (8) guests in the next session will enter the Tournament Area and take a seat at any available Tournament machine.  This procedure will repeat from 6pm to 9pm.  At the end of the Tournament, a Tournament Staff member will review all scores and determine the top 10 winners.  In the case of a tie, the two winning prizes will be added together, and the two participants who have tied will split the total prize amount equally.


    The $4,100 prize pool will be as follows:

    1st $1,000
    2nd $600
    3rd $500
    4th $400
    5th $200
    6th $100
    7th $100
    8th $100
    9th $100
    10th $100


    All winners names will be posted at the Casino Host Office and a copy of all winners will be given to the Main Cash Cage.

    For all winners of free play prizes, the ACSC 13 Elite Bonusing Suite will automatically add winning free play amounts to guest’s accounts.  Once attached, the winning guests will have one week to use the free play, which will expire at 11:59pm. In addition, should the winner of $1,000 cash prize desire, they may elect to have their cash prize paid in free play, instead of cash. If this occurs, a Marketing Representative will attach the $1,000, free play code to the guest’s account as the winner requests. Once the free play is attached, the winning guest will have two months to use the free play, which will expire at 11:59pm. All winners electing the cash option will be escorted the cage for payment.

    Cash winner from the Thursday Slot Tournament who is not present at the time winners are posted and prizes awarded have until Noon on Mondays to claim their prize by visiting the Cashier’s Cage. A Tournament Staff member will retain all original paperwork including participant scorecards, and the list of claimed and unclaimed prizes will be retained by the Cashier’s Cage.

    If there are winners of $600 or more in cash, a 1099-Misc Form will be completed. Anytime a 1099 is issued a Gaming Inspector will be notified. A copy of the log sheet will be provided to the Gaming Commission Internal Auditor on Tuesday the following week.

    If there are any malfunctions or something goes wrong with the promotion, a Gaming Inspector will be notified. Upon approval of alternate procedures from the General Manager and notification to the Director of Compliance, alternate procedure will be implemented.

    Check In Period:

    Thursdays, beginning January 2nd qualified Club 29 Members may participate in the Slot Tournament anytime between 6pm and 10pm.


    • Must be a Club 29 Member.
    • Winners must be able to present their Players Club Card and photo I.D.
    • All participants must be at least 21 years of age and be a Club 29 member.
    • Management reserves the right to alter or cancel a promotion at any time.
    • Management reserves the right to disqualify participants at their discretion.
    • Vendors, employees, and immediate members of employees’ families are not eligible to participate in this promotion. “Immediate Family” is defined as biological or step-foster parents, biological step-foster children, spouses, siblings, grandparents as well as cohabitating significant others and common law partners.
    • In case of dispute, the decision of the Casino Management is final.