The Dan Band

Saturday, December 7

  • TICKETS: $20 / $25 / $30
  • TIME: 8PM
  • MUST BE 21+

Spotlight 29 Casino is proud to present The Dan Band on Saturday, December 7, at 8 pm in the Spotlight Showroom. The Dan Band is a comedy band created by actor and comedian Dan Finnerty. They are known for hilarious covers of pop songs predominately performed by females. Finnerty adds his own spin to the songs with bonus obscenities and swearing.

They have released several albums including, The Dan Band LiveHo: A Dan Band Xmas and The Wedding Album. Most recently, Finnerty co-wrote and performed “Look At Her,” in the Netflix movie Dumplin’.

The Dan Band had a memorable performance at the end of The Hangover, as the wedding band performing “Candy Shop” and “Fame.” Finnerty has also appeared in hit movies Old School (singing “Total Eclipse Of The Heart,” and “Lady”), and Starsky & Hutch (singing “Feel Like Makin’ Love”).