Cleopatra Metio La Pata

Thursday, August 8

  • TICKETS: $45 / $60 / $75 / $90
  • TIME: 8PM
  • MUST BE 21+

Coming soon to the Spotlight Showroom, the most anticipated comedy of the year! Cleopatra Metio La Pata! A spectacular cast with Maribel Guardia, Ninel Conde, Gabriel Soto, Cecilia Galiano, Salvador Zerboni, La Chupitos, Luis De Alba 'El Pirruris,' 'Excelsa' and many more! Cleopatra Metio La Pata is a comic work in which the Persian and Roman soldiers want to conquer the Egyptians. The play develops in a comical way in which Cleopatra is the only one who can make the necessary decisions to save her people. A work that will not let you stop laughing.